Event Details

Western Counties Technical Talk - Stroud Chapel: A timber shell structure constructed in CLT

Location: Bristol

Start date: 9th December 2021

Start time: 18:30

This talk will take place in person at the Bristol University Campus. Bristol University are asking all students and visitors to wear a mask indoors on campus.

In recent years Structural Engineers Corbett and Tasker have designed a series of chapels for the Christian Community in the UK, the latest one being a chapel in Stroud, Gloucestershire, realized in Cross Laminated Timber. This structure explores the potential of CLT beyond slabs simply supported on walls or beams and investigates how it can be used to form an expressed vaulted structure where the forces flow from roof to walls with in-plane forces dominating over bending forces. Architect and Engineer were inspired by the great medieval cathedral builders where internal 3D form is derived from a fusion of ecclesiastical function and structural efficiency and where stone is used both as structure and internal finish. Whilst it is impractical to reproduce the inspiring hand-crafted medieval cathedral structures in the 21st Century as practicing structural engineers we wanted to capture these essential qualities and give them a contemporary interpretation.

This talk will relay the early creative design development, innovation, detailing and construction of this project which has been recognized at the Wood Awards as well as the Structural Timber Awards and is shortlisted at this year’s Structural Awards.

About the speaker:- Peter Corbett, Director at Corbett and Tasker Structural Engineering